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5.20.2005,5/20/2005 12:36:00 PM
I am such a dork--tag, I'm it!
Okay, so epiphany tagged me with the meme "Describe your Dorkiest Moment."

I have to say that I have a lot of dorky moments, too many to recount, but, incidentally, I had posted this earlier recounting my most recent trip to Dorkville. I hope this will suffice....

My friend Kristen had her birthday on the 17th. She recently got a new cell phone # and I programmed it into my cell phone and thought that I'd give her a birthday call on my way home from work (with a headset, of course). I located her name in my phonebook and pushed "send."

Now, Kristen and I like to speak to each other in Spanish sometimes--even though mine is horrible--so when a lady answered the phone speaking Spanish I thought that Kristen was being funny, so I kept talking--mainly saying ¡feliz cumpleaños! and ¿Qué? (I told you my Spanish is horrible) for about 2 minutes until I realized that Kristen wasn't playing a joke on me and I actually was speaking to a lady who apparently didn't speak all that much English.


So, the next day I told Kristen what happened, she gave me the right phone number, and I re-programmed it. Called her on my way home, and GOT THE SAME LADY!!! Guess I forgot to save the re-programmed number.

I'm so embarassed. Now some poor lady who doesn't speak English probably thinks this weird woman is stalking her.
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