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5.31.2005,5/31/2005 10:26:00 AM
Our Furry Children, part 2
Okay, okay, so I originally said I would get to BlackJack and Kino on Friday, but, things got crazy at work (as usual). So, on with the show...

BlackJack and Kino are littermates--DH adopted them as tiny little kittens. Apparently Kino's name was originally Muncher (hee hee) so it was changed, thank goodness.

We like to call them "The Ninjas" or "The Sharks" because they are sneaky little things. They are sweet, but, since they were raised by a group of rowdy boys they have grown up to be rowdy as well. Let's start with Kino...

Kino is a skinny little bolt of lightning, all black with a white spot on his chest. He is the ham of the group and loves to show off. We have an open concept house with plant ledges in the living room and kitchen areas and he will roll around on top of the ledges and hang off the edge, just screaming, "Look at me! Look at me!" He is also the alpha cat, and loves to bully my poor Joey around, which makes me none too happy, but I have to say that after about a year together, the bullying has diminished significantly. Kino also loves treats. When he wants a treat he will jump up on the dresser and stand there with his chest all puffed out and blink his eyes at you until you give him a treat.

BlackJack is all black, and a bit stockier than Kino. He has really come out of his shell since we moved up to Big D. He is a sweet sweet kitty unless there are people over, and then he turns into Devil Cat. Every time my parents come to visit he freaks out and will hang out by the guest room and swat at my parents when they try to walk by, which usually results in us having to lock him up in the office. But when there's nobody else around but us, he is the most loving cat. He loves warm laundry and will sleep on the piles any chance he gets, and every morning when I wake up he will follow me into the bathroom, jump on the sink, and headbutt the tap until I turn the water on at a trickle so he can drink out of the faucet.

So there is an account of our furry children. They are a complete handful but it's wonderful having them around.

Grr...back to work!
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