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5.26.2005,5/26/2005 04:30:00 PM
Our Furry Children
Okay, I thought I'd take some time to tell everyone about our four lovely kitties. I know that some of you know mine, and some of you know DH's, but none of you know all four.

Let's start with my two--Joey and Annabelle

Joey is a beige colored tabby with a bobtail--yes, he was born that way. I adopted him from the SPCA in Houston in 2000. I think he's about 6-7 years old, but I'm not sure.

Joey is utterly my cat. When I get home and DH's cats swarm the door trying to sniff out where I've been, Joey waits patiently by the doorway between the kitchen and front room for me to come over and give him his hello pats. He has been with me longer than any significant other has, and I think he tries to "throw his weight around" so to speak with DH. I usually go to bed first, and Joey immediately jumps on the bed and plops down right in the middle of DH's side of the bed, as if to say, "I will sleep here. The human is merely temporary." Then DH comes in and a battle of wills takes place, with Joey being relegated to the foot of the bed.

Annabelle is a chubby little tortoiseshell cat, also adopted from the SPCA, but in 2002. I think she's around 4 years old.

We like to call her "the potato on legs" because she's so chubby. Until recently, Annabelle was never very social. She constantly hid under the bed and if you tried to pet her, she would run away. After we moved, though, and DH paid lots of attention to her, she's come out of her shell more and is very affectionate. She loves to drink water from the trickling faucet and will sit on the edge of the sink and wait for you to come in the bathroom. Then, she will purr and meow and generally make herself look as cute as possible so you'll give her what she wants. Kind of sounds like women in general, huh?

Tomorrow we will tackle DH's two cats--BlackJack and Kino.....
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