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5.23.2005,5/23/2005 07:58:00 AM
Weddings, Heatstroke, and Kung Fu Hustle
Friday, dear husband and I went to see Kung Fu Hustle. It was pretty cool because everyone and their dog was there to see Star Wars Episode 3, so we literally had the entire theater to ourselves. Now, don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see the new Star Wars, but I hate being crammed into a theater with a ton of other people--I inevitably never get a good seat and end up sitting up at the very front or at the very top on the side. So, I've decided to wait until the hype dies down just a little....I'll probably go with my dad when we come to H-town this weekend....

Anyhow, Kung Fu Hustle was totally freakin' awesome! Very much a kung fu movie, but with elements of comedy and a certain air of 1930's American gangster.

Saturday we went to a co-worker of mine's wedding. Beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous setting. The only drawback was that it was THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR and the wedding was outside. I never thought I could get as hot as I did that day. And the ceremony was at 11, so you can imagine how much hotter it got. Thank goodness the reception was inside, but I really think the heat got to me more than I anticipated, because I felt like fainting as soon as we got inside (how very Southern of me). When we got home, I passed out on the bed and slept for three hours.

I see that I've been tagged for another meme! I will address it a bit later after I've gotten my bearings...

To work!
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