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7.31.2005,7/31/2005 12:12:00 PM
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
Sunday afternoon. Historically, Sunday has always been my least favorite day of the week. Yes, I dislike Sunday more than I dislike Mondays. I think it's because when I lived with my father and stepmother it was mandatory to attend church every Sunday morning and evening, no exceptions. In the two years I lived with them, I missed church exactly once, and that was because I was running a 102 degree fever. But, that's another story entirely.

Before I was jobless, I used to get the blues every Sunday around 5 pm. The lovely weekend was coming to an end, and I was sad that the real world was encroaching upon my respite from the world. I still feel that way, sometimes, though. I guess old habits die hard.

This weekend has been a nice one. I have done absolutely nothing except read a wonderfully trashy novel--Jacqueline Susann's The Love Machine. I picked it up at the Friends of the Library Book Sale a few weeks ago for 75 cents. I've recently been reading nothing but medieval mysteries and I'd run out of them and decided my brain needed a break from 12th century England, so I picked up this little gem. I think I have about 75 pages left in the novel, and my goal today is to finish it. Or, DH and I may start a new anime series--Escaflowne. Oh, the choices are unlimited!!!

Fellow blogger Bearette24 did a list of 100 things about her, and it's made me want to do my own. I wonder, though, if I even have 100 things to tell about myself...

Tomorrow, I'm starting my workout regime again. I figure that I have nothing else to do and I might as well benefit from the time off to improve my muscle tone. Heaven knows I need it!!
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