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7.24.2005,7/24/2005 05:51:00 PM
The Week in Review...

I haven't posted in a while! So, to bring everyone up to date, here's the week in review.

Tuesday I drove to H-town for a brief visit, about eighteen hours, and picked up my sis for a few days of sister bonding up here in Big D. Didn't do much, mainly shopping, drinking beer, and playing Trivial Pursuit. I ended up being the winner, three games to one.

I put her on a plane back home on Saturday, and DH and I met his parents for his mom's birthday at a restaurant called Jasper's. For those of you who are familiar with Dallas fine dining, Jasper's is a restaurant owned by Kent Rathbun, founder and executive chef of Abacus. (I ended up knowing way more than normal about all this crap from my last job.)

The ambience was really nice, all dimmed lights and dark wood, very modern, and fashioned to look like a backyard setting (Indoors, of course. Here in Texas it's too damn hot to be outside in summer). Of course, a backyard such as this only exists within the pages of Martha Stewart Living, but oh well.

I started with a wonderful green salad with homemade sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, and a white basalmic vinaigrette. My main course was free range roasted chicken with fingerling potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms, in a garlic demi-glace. The first few bites of my entree were delicious, but after a while, the demi-glace became very cloying and salty.

After dinner we went to the sneak preview of Must Love Dogs, starring Diane Lane and cutie John Cusack. Definitely a "chick flick," and it had two particular moments I found to be extremely cheesy, but for the most part, it was a very enjoyable movie and I recommend it to anyone who cares to see it.

So, in a nutshell, that's what's been going on. This week for three days I have a couple of friends visiting from Austin, which will be nice, and I'm hoping to go visit my dad and stepmother sometime soon as well. Being unemployed can be really busy sometimes. :) I'm really looking forward to finding another job, though. I have decided that the housewife life is definitely not for me--I get bored WAY too easily.

And on a happy note, congratulations to Ryan and Allison, my brother and sister-in-law on DH's side. They are expecting a little bundle of joy in March of 2006!
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