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8.14.2005,8/14/2005 09:25:00 PM
Concerts, Beer, and too much Food
Ugh. This evening DH and I went over to his parents house for dinner. Actually, the dinner excuse was basically a ploy to get DH over to move some furniture :) but it was a nice evening nonetheless. We went to Luna de Noche in Plano and I ate way too much. Seeing that I haven't been eating much lately and what I have been eating was relatively healthy, my choice of restaurant was ill-advised, at best. Oh well. I'm hoping a cup of ginger tea will aid in my digestion!

Saturday night we met Eric & Christine over at Baker Street in Addison so Eric could show off his new Pontiac GTO. I actually didn't get to look inside it, since I spent the evening drinking beer and talking to Christine, but DH drove it and said it was pretty nice. DH said it was as nice as the Infiniti G35 he had before he traded it in for the RX-8. Sigh. I don't think I'll ever get over the loss of that G35. Anyhow, it was great seeing Eric & Christine again!

Thursday DH and I went to the System of a Down concert over at American Airlines Center. His boss's wife had free tickets and he invited us to come along. We sat in one of the suites and all in all, it was pretty plush. As I am not a System of a Down fan, however, I didn't really enjoy the show all that much. I'm hoping that the boss's wife might be able to come through for some NIN tickets, though.....

I re-decorated the master bathroom this week as well. I will post pics as soon as I can!
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