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8.10.2005,8/10/2005 07:34:00 PM
Yeah, nothing much to post lately. Yesterday I went to lunch with two girls from the old job--it was really nice. We went to Grand Lux over in the Galleria and I was baaaad. Well, I ate sensibly for my meal--the luncheon omelette and a green salad that was actually quite good, except I'd ordered the omelette with spinach, tomato, mushroom, and onion, but when it came to the table there was pancetta in it instead of onion. I thought about sending it back, but hell, it was pancetta, after all, so I let it slide. Then for dessert I had the biggest slice of chocolate cake ever! I was happy happy happy.

I took a nasty spill in the garage on Monday--I'd gone out to get groceries and right when I was about to leave Kroger it started raining. I suppose raining is a bit of an understatement, because the rain was coming down sideways, the wind was blowing so hard. When I finally got into my car I had to deal with the flooding of the streets due to the construction on 121 (bah!) and must have tracked some mud into the garage from my tires, because when I went out to get the last load out of my car I slipped. Not my finest hour. I fell hard on my right knee and have a deep bruise as well as a bruise on my upper left arm where it struck my car bumper. Lately when I've gone out I notice people looking at it and I want to say, "No, I have not been beaten up!" Well, by my car, maybe......and the garage floor.

I did another yoga tape today and am still marveling at the way it makes me feel. I just feel more alive each time I do it....and it actually makes me want to eat healthier as well. Last night I made a lentil rice soup and it was excellent--DH gave it a thumbs up! I'm thinking of doing some orzo pasta with spinach, pesto, and cannelini beans tomorrow night, but who knows? I may try to convince DH that we need another date night since he'll be in class on Friday.

Well, I guess I had more to say than I thought I did! Decorating-wise, I'm tackling the master bathroom next. When I get it finished I will post the pics!

And now, back to TiVo! Eh, maybe I'll read instead....
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