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8.28.2005,8/28/2005 04:27:00 PM
My free time has been drastically reduced....
Why, you ask, has my free time been drastically reduced? Well, because last Wednesday I was offered a job and I start on September 1st! Woo!

The funny thing is, I went to interview for this position last Tuesday and was offered the position on Wednesday. I'm going to be Marketing Coordinator for a manufacturing company in Plano. The moment I walked into the building for my interview I felt that I was in the right place. And then I met my boss, with whom I got along with famously from the very instant I met him.

I'm taking a small pay cut, but in light of the fact that my commute time has been cut in half, I'm not complaining too much. And on top of that, I'm getting the opportunity to travel with the sales team and when we have our tradeshows once a year and national conference once every two years, I will get to go to those as well, which is pretty cool. And the benefits are awesome as well!

After I accepted the job, I ended up getting calls from 3 more people for interviews! At first I was second-guessing my taking this job, but in light of all the pros of this position, I'm positive I made the right decision.

This weekend has been mostly spent cleaning. I cleaned out the closet and am doing all the laundry, and put a buttload of things up for sale on Ebay. I feel like I need to start getting things in order now....however....

For the last few days I'm unemployed, I'm going to do absolutely NOTHING! But, I'm very excited to get back to work. This has been a nice break, but I'm ready to get back into the working world and be useful.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!!
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