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9.23.2005,9/23/2005 08:56:00 AM
Attack of the Killer Kitties

I received a funny phone call yesterday at work.

We rent a house up here in Frisco, and our property managment company is sorely lacking in customer service. We have had maintenance requests in for a couple of months in some cases, and have never received phone calls or any updates. Every time I try to call them I get voice mail.

Well, our toilet in the guest bathroom was broken, and I'd had this request in for about two weeks when I finally got fed up and left a message (for the thirtieth time) on the company's voice mail saying that I had family coming up to flee the hurricane (okay, so that was a tiny white lie, but we really didn't know until yesterday afternoon whether or not they were going to come up), and this toilet really needed to be fixed.

Well, I got a call at work from the maintenance man saying that he'd fixed our toilet and our A/C in the master bedroom, and that while he was in our house he was attacked by our black cats. Now, I know that BlackJack and Kino are territorial, but woah! The maintenance man said that they would hiss and growl at him and swat at him while he was going around checking everything. He told me he has been around cats all his life and never witnessed anything like this before, and that he actually called one of the ladies at the management company and said, "You wouldn't believe what just happened to me...."

He told me he didn't hurt the cats, just made them chase him into the master bedroom and shut them up in there so he could finish his work in our house.

I called DH and told him and we had a good laugh over that one. I guess now if we are ever burglarized we know what the cats are going to do! Anyone know of where I can find a "Beware of Cat" sign?
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