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10.24.2005,10/24/2005 08:14:00 AM
Last night/this morning was the first truly cool/cold morning down here in my part of Texas. It got down into the 30's--yesterday evening I was getting chilled--I actually slept in pants, long-sleeved shirt, and socks, for heaven's sake! This is really unlike me--I generally abhor clothing when I'm at home, and usually just parade around in a tank top and undies.

So this morning I got out of bed and and about froze my patootie off, since we elected not to turn the heat on last night before bed, thinking that we were hardy enough to withstand it. Yeah, it was fine when we were snuggled up under the covers, but throw that comforter off and BAM! Sub-zero air! The worst part was getting out of the shower. I dried off as best I could in the stall, and immediately after I stepped outside of it I started shivering. I actually put my pajama pants back on under my robe while I got ready!

And the cats are worse than we are! You'd think that since they have fur, they'd be fine with the falling temperatures, but they're big wusses. BlackJack usually sleeps under the covers with us, since he HATES the cold. It was kind of cute this morning, because I'd put some stuff in the dryer to de-wrinkle, set it on the bed, and went into the other room to get something. When I came back in BlackJack was lying on my cami all huddled up, trying to get warm.....silly kitty.

Yeah, I know you Northern U.S. dwellers are like "You ain't seen nothing!" Yes, yes, I know that it can get so cold up there that your snot freezes, but this is Texas. From April to October it's like Hades down here, and you forget that it can actually get cold after being bombarded with 95+ degree temperatures for months and months. And, although I welcome cold weather, I actually hate it, especially when North Texas winds gust to 35 mph and drive that wind chill down.

I need to start buying some warmer clothes....
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