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10.09.2005,10/09/2005 12:52:00 PM
First, Last, Now
Courtesy of the fantabulous Poppy--if you feel like following suit, dear fellow bloggers, then be my guest!!

First best friend: Joy Roper
First kiss: Mark Simon
First piercing/tattoo: Ears pierced at 4, first tattoo at 23
First big trip: New York City, age 18
First flight: from Big Spring TX to San Antonio at birth
First time skiing/snowboarding: Never done that!
First concert: NKOTB, age 13
First alcoholic drink: Some kind of wine cooler at 16
First ticket violation: Going 5 miles over speed limit at 24 on my way to College Station by a douchebag cop—got dismissed(yay me!)--does that count?
First job: Worked in a bank at 14
First date: Mark Simon, age 14

Last car ride: Coming home from grocery store yesterday
Last time you cried: Reading Something Blue
Last movie watched: At the theater, Serenity, on telly, Romeo + Juliet
Last food you ate: Eggs, bacon, blueberry pancakes (we like to cook on Sundays!)
Last love: My husband! Before him, PCN
Last temptation: Chocolate cupcakes I made yesterday in a fit of weakness
Last item bought: Food for ourselves and our kitties
Last annoyance: My jaw from the dental work I had done last week
Last alcoholic drink: Dirty martini at the movie theater last Friday
Last concert: Coldplay
Last phone call: Mrs. Wallington on Friday (Happy Anniversary sweetie!)
Last time at the mall: Yesterday picking up my glasses

Current best friend: DH, Krissypoo, Mrs. Wallington
Current car: Vanessa, my Tiburon
Current love: My family, friends (blog and otherwise) and my husband
Current drink: Nothing, but had two cups of coffee earlier
Current activity: Blogging, letting my hair air dry, waiting on DH to finish playing World of Warcraft so we can go look at houses!!
Current annoyance: Contacts are bugging me
Current mood: Very content!!
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