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10.17.2005,10/17/2005 09:00:00 AM
Hoy soy molestado
That is Spanish for "I am annoyed."

I'm annoyed at my hair-how superficial is that?? The thing is, I have this cowlick (why the hell is it called a cowlick anyway? How gross is it to think that a cow is licking your hair?) on the back of my head, near the bottom. No matter what I do to it in the mornings, it never turns under with my round brush like all the rest of my obedient hair. So, I end up leaving the house with perfectly coiffed sides and top, but the back left part of my hair always sticks out stubbornly! GRR!

AND, over the weekend two of the biggest, grossest zits popped up on my chin in a perfect diagonal from one another. What am I, 12? And they're the kind of zits that are under the skin and hurt when you touch them. C'mon, I know y'all know what I'm talking about....

I guess if that's the only thing I have to be annoyed or worried about in my life then I'm damn lucky indeed.

I do like my eyebrows, though. They have a nice arch to them. I had them threaded the last time I was at the salon (which hurt like a MF).

But all is not lost. I am going to NIN tonight--the long wait is over! Woo! AND I got my Halloween costume ordered and am working on the finishing touches--I'm planning the company Halloween party and am so excited....I love to plan parties!

Got an e-mail from DH this morning and it looks like he'll be getting a bonus this year, so that's something to be happy about as well! I see a mini-break in our future....

And, on the last note, I've begun the Path to Pretty this morning. I got up at 5:50 am, did my exercises, and prayed that I can keep this up!
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