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10.18.2005,10/18/2005 03:06:00 PM
Speaking of Boobs...
After reading Lisa's and Liz's blogs and their posts about mammaries, I feel more comfortable discussing this today.

WARNING: If you're uncomfortable reading about someone else's boobs, kindly skip this post.

Does anyone else feel, sometimes, that your boobs are leading you around? I don't know what the deal is, but for some reason I feel that my breasts are about 3-4 sizes bigger than usual today. (And, before you ask, no, I'm not pregnant)

I don't know if it's my shirt or what. Walking up and down the hall at work today has been rather strange because I can see them out of the bottom of my eye, like two giant basketballs strapped to my chest. And when I'm walking it feels as if some invisible force is guiding them--not pulling or tugging--but just leading. That's the only way I can describe it.

I've always been well-endowed, even before I gained weight. From the age of 13 I was in a D cup. I moved down to a 36 C in my early 20's, but in retrospect, I was probably wearing the wrong size bra even then, because the girls would spill over the top. Much to my chagrin, however, as I got larger in size, so did the twins. I'd been wearing a D-DD cup for, oh, about 2+ years when I decided on a whim to go have a fitting done at a lingerie store that specializes in bras for larger cup sizes. Surprise surprise--I have been wearing a bra 2-3 sizes too small. To save you from having to do the math, I now wear a DDDD, or a G cup. (HOLY CRAP!) The only time I ever heard of a G cup was when someone was pregnant and/or nursing or if they were a stripper on Jerry Springer.

My blog moniker, as some of you know, comes from a nickname my brother and sister gave me. We all have these stupid nicknames for each other, and mine is Boobs McGee, in honor of the bazongas. My sister also calls me Bdogg, so for my blog moniker I just combined the two.

And on top of that, one of mine is larger than the other. That's frustrating as hell, too. When I reach my goal weight, and maybe after I'm done birthing babies I plan on getting some work done--a breast reduction and lift among them! I can't imagine having perky boobs! That would be too cool!

Yes, yes, I concede that the grass is always greener, but damn! You smaller-chested girls have it made! Being able to buy a dress off the rack that actually fits everywhere, triangle bikins, tanks with shelf bras, hell, going braless for that matter! I could go on and on....
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