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10.28.2005,10/28/2005 10:43:00 AM
Oh yeah. (spoken like the Kool-Aid Man)

When I was getting ready this morning I started getting itchy because our house, especially the master bedroom, is in complete chaos. I got bitten by the cleaning bug, so I will probably be cleaning some this weekend.

Sometimes I wonder if there are others as messy as we are. I am messy, but when you put me with DH it just keeps multiplying. I love it when I go over to people's houses and they're all, "Oh! I'm sorry about the mess. I didn't have time to clean up," and there's like two socks on the floor. Please. That's not messy. Why don't you drop by my house sometime?

We will clean, and the house will look great for about a week, and then it's all messy again. Gets very frustrating. I think the longest we've kept everything straight, though, at least in the family room, is about 3 weeks. There's a funny story attached to that record, though.

I went to Krissypoo's bachelorette party, and DH and I got into a little tiff on the phone when I was driving up to Lake Travis, where the party was going on. On Sunday I left Austin early and drove back to Big D, and when I got home, the house was SPOTLESS. I'm talking everything was off the counters, nothing on the floors, just spotless. And DH wasn't there. I was already in a vulnerable mood because of our argument, and immediately thought, "OMG. He's left me." Yes, I know that was COMPLETELY irrational, and after I calmed down I saw his laptop and XBOX and knew that if he was going to leave me that he'd have taken those two things.

When he came home I immediately burst into tears and said how sorry I was that we argued (I'm not much into confrontation, and I think I was PMSing to boot), and that was probably the only time we really made an effort to keep the house clean for an extended period of time. I would love to have a housekeeper.

That story was out of the blue! Just thought I'd share.....

Happy Friday, everyone!
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