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10.06.2005,10/06/2005 08:33:00 AM
Unpleasantly Numb
This mornig I had dental work done--I had to have a filling repaired on one of my molars. All in all, I have to say that the experience was quite a pleasant one. They gave me laughing gas before they numbed me, which I'd never had before, and boy, was that stuff CRAZY! I think it, in addition to the novocaine, has me a little bit puddin-headed still.

The only drawback? Most of the lower right side of my face is numb, with feeling slowly creeping back in. And I'm starving--I didn't eat anything before the appt. because it was at 6:50 this morning. So, I'm trying to eat something soft, and when I chew, a little drool runs out of my mouth. Not the most enjoyable feeling, but I'm glad nobody is in my area right now except me. It kind of feels a little like when I had my wisdom teeth out, except not so extreme. I'm going to be glad when this stuff wears off!

On another note, my Nine Inch Nails tickets came in the mail yesterday and I'm so damn excited! When I looked on Ticketmaster, all the seats left were crappy, so I went to eBay and scored 2 tickets on the first level (don't like the floor--I actually want to SEE the show) for face value of the tickets! We would have spent more than that if we'd gone thru Ticketmaster just in those damn service fees alone! I'm very very very excited--Trent, I love you! (hee hee)

I think I'll go back to my attempts at chewing, now. My stuff's getting cold....
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