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11.09.2005,11/09/2005 09:08:00 AM
Interesting Happenings Over the Fence
I was taking a nice, hot bath around 8:30 pm last night. Submerged in the water, bath oil softening my skin, head on my bath pillow, reading a book, I was ready to bliss out and enjoy some relaxation time.

Until I heard some quite loud sounds coming from my neighbor's house. (The master bath/bedroom is right next to our neighbor's backyard) Let me give you a little background on this...

I have never met my neighbors formally. On one side of us, we have a family with the loudest damn Schnauzers ever. They bark 24/7. I like to call them "Yappy Dogs."

The other neighbor, the one I'm talking about today, is called "Mr. Fixit," because when we first moved in he tore down his old fence and commenced remodeling his backyard. We would be in bed, trying to sleep at 11 pm or later, and good 'ol Mr. Fixit would be hammering away in his backyard. Very considerate, huh?

Last night, though, came the sounds of a very different kind of hammering. Seems like Mr. Fixit was having a little get-together with a lady friend IN HIS HOT TUB. At first I thought I was hearing things, and, of course, being a nosy person, I lifted my head out of the bathtub and got closer to the window. Yep. I was definitely hearing some heavy moaning and groaning over there. I called DH in and had him listen to it too, and we both congratulated Mr. Fixit on him getting some.

It got quiet over there for a while, and I heard some other people in the backyard (Let me tell you, these people are LOUD--I can't tell you how many loud parties have been over there while I'm trying to sleep--on a weekday, no less). I thought the carnal session was over (I thought it was strange that she would make so much noise with other people around in the house...), but after I'd gotten in bed around 10-ish, it started up again. However, the best was yet to come (no pun intended).

As you know, I've been in a Vicodin-induced haze lately due to my root canal pain. Last night was no different. I was just about in a deep sleep, DH beside me, around 11 or so, when suddenly he sat up in bed and said, "Did you hear that?" Did I ever. Oh my god.

This woman was so loud, and went for so long, I thought Mr. Fixit was killing her. And it went on. And on. And on. And on. I swear, it got to the point to where I was saying, "she must be faking it by now."

Now, I'm all for people getting their groove on, but this was getting ridiculous. First of all, they were doing it in the backyard, very loudly, I might add, at 11:30 pm, and there are families with children across the alley and on the other side of them. Just as I was getting annoyed enough to do something about it, they stopped. And I was finally able to get to sleep, after, of course, DH and I laughed about it for a good 5 minutes.

I'm beginning to wonder if they're running an adult film company over there.
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