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11.23.2005,11/23/2005 05:34:00 PM
Just a Random Thing I Thought About...
I was looking at Nabbalicious' blog this evening, and one of the things she loves is grande Americanos. For those of you who don't know, Cafe Americano is espresso and hot water.

That got me thinking about one of my trips to Starbucks. It was December of 2003, I'd recently been laid off from my job, and I was going over to help my sister decorate our parents' new house for the Christmas holidays. I had probably been up late the night before, so on the way over I decided to stop by Starbucks to grab a coffee. I went in and gave my order to the barista.

Me: "I'd like a grande Americano, please."

Barista: "All right. Do you want roofer cream?"

Me: (What the hell?) "Um, sure."

[Waiting around for my coffee]

Barista: "Grande Americano!"

Me: "That's me!"

Barista: "You want roofer cream?"

Me: "What?"

Barista: "You want roofer cream?" a little louder this time.

Me: "What is roofer cream?!?!?"

Barista: "You have an Americano, right?"

Me: "Yeah..."


Me: Oh shit. "Yes."

Damn Starbucks. Sometimes they make me feel like a total idiot. I must be an idiot, though, to pay $2 for a cup of coffee that I could make at my house for about $.25.
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