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11.17.2005,11/17/2005 09:09:00 AM
My New Favorite TV Show...

Tuesday night on NBC, my new favorite television show comes on: My Name Is Earl. I usually end up Tivo-ing it and we usually watch the episode during dinner the day after. I like Tivo, you can fast-forward through commercials. Anyway, I digress...

For those of you who haven't seen this gem of a show, dammit, get on it! Jason Lee (on my list of favorite actors) plays Earl, a man who's taken the bad road in life--stealing, lying, cheating, etc. He wins $100,000 with a scratch-off lottery ticket one day, and while he's celebrating, he gets hit by a car. While in the hospital, Earl has an epiphany and decides to use the money he won to undo all the wrongs he's done in his life (he makes a list of about 260 things).

(From L to R: Catalina, Earl, Randy, Joy, Darnell)

Enlisting the help of his not-so-bright brother Randy and the housekeeper at his hotel, Catalina, Earl sets out on his misson of crossing off the items on his list, one by one. However, he's beset by turmoil on the way. His ex-wife, Joy (played to trashy perfection by Jamie Pressly,) is dead-set on getting his lottery money any way she can, and she tries to get her boyfriend Darnell (the "Rubber Band Man" from the Office Depot/Max/Staples commercials--I can't remember which one) to help her.

I can't tell you how enjoyable this show is. I laugh out loud for most of the episode, especially at Jamie Pressly's antics. Whoever wrote the dialogue for her character was a freakin' genius. At one point Earl asks her a question about why she hocked something and she says, "Well, cigarettes don't grow on trees, Earl." I about keeled over from that one.

Randy, Earl's brother, is a bumbling bear of a man, probably about 5 IQ points away from being declared MR, but he always has the best intentions.

And while the episodes are laugh-out-loud funny, they always make you feel good at the end, because Earl learns a lesson about life and discovers how rewarding it is helping others. Plus, watching Jason Lee breakdance is freakin' HILARIOUS! I think it's good that he's finally getting some more recognition--I loved him in the Kevin Smith movies.....I have to say, though, that he was probably wacked out on something when he named his kid--Pilot Inspektor. Woo!

So, if you haven't watched it, please give it a chance--I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. It airs 9 pm/8 pm CST on NBC.

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