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11.03.2005,11/03/2005 09:52:00 AM
Run run run run!
Man, I was busy yesterday! Pretty much all day was spent hanging posters in my company's demo room. We're a manufacturing company, you see, that manufactures niche-market copier/fax/scanners for people who aren't interested in the larger-type machines for big businesses. All of the products that we carry are in our demo room, and we've just re-done the graphics that are placed above them. My boss and I hung the graphics above the machines yesterday, and man, that was way more difficult than I originally thought it would be!

First, we had to measure everything out to make sure all of the posters were evenly spaced. Then we had to measure out where the nails would go, then place the hooks into the back of the foamboard in the correct places, then, once all that was done and we were ready to hang the posters, it all had to be level! Whew! First of all, since I'm horrible with straight lines and the like, doing all of this was a Herculean task to begin with.

I tried to help while my boss was at lunch by going up on the ladder and measuring out nail holes, but I got up there, did one set, and freaked out due to my extreme fear of heights.

Even though it took most of the day, though, the end result looks REALLY good, and I'm happy with everything.

Is everyone's calendar filling up as quickly as mine? Geez! Let's see, this weekend I'm going to have my potential root canal--I say potential because my dentist says it could go either way. Next weekend is a visit to H-town to see my mom for her bday (the first time I've seen my family in 4 months!). Weekend after that is DH's and my mini-break, and then the weekend after that is Thanksgiving here in Big D with DH's family.

December has filled up fast too. The first weekend will be with my dad and stepmom, celebrating Christmas with them and my dad's bday, the weekend after that is Girlie Getaway 2005--The Holiday Edition with Mrs. Wallington and Krissypoo, then the whole following week I'll be in the DC/Philly area on a business trip, traveling with our Sales Manager in that area and visiting dealers. Weekend after that is Christmas, and we'll be in H-town for that, and then the next weekend is New Year's!

Where is this year going??? I can't believe everything has gone by so quickly!
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