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11.23.2005,11/23/2005 07:45:00 PM
Before I get into the meme that I was tagged on, let me say that I am getting a zit on the lower left area below my lip. It's one of those that is just starting and kinda painful. Damn.

And now, on to the meme!

Ten movies you’d watch over and over:
Billy Madison
Strictly Ballroom
Muriel's Wedding

The Waterboy
Coming to America
The Princess Bride
The Cutting Edge
French Kiss
Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version--will see the film version this weekend!)
Bridget Jones' Diary
Bring it On

Nine people you enjoy the company of:
Mrs. Wallington
Joey (Do cats count?)

Eight things you’re wearing:
Zebra-print slippers
My old Xmas PJ pants with a winter scene and deer on them
A turquoise tank top
Contact lenses
Leg hair
Pink toenail polish
That's it!

Seven things on your mind:
My new zit
Making the broccoli-rice casserole to take to the in-laws tomorrow
Wishing I had the remote so I could turn this crappy WB show off
My runny nose
The dishes in the dishwasher--wanting them to get clean so I can make said casserole
When the permanent crown for my root canal is going to be in.
Wanting to go to bed but feeling lame about wanting to go to bed at 7:45

Six objects you touch every day:
My eyeballs (I wear contacts!)
Computer keyboard
DH (now don't get any dirty ideas, I didn't mean it that way!)
Our fuzzy children
Steering wheel
A book of some kind

Five things you do everyday:
Brush my teeth
Put on clean undies
Read before bedtime
Kiss DH
Cuddle with the Joe during our "Mommy/Kitty Time" (the hour or so before DH comes in and kicks Joey out of his spot on the bed)

Four bands or musical artists that you couldn’t live without:
Nine Inch Nails
Dixie Chicks

Three of your favorite songs of the moment:
"Goldigger" by Kanye West
"Only" by NIN
"Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot

Two people who have influenced your life the most:
My Mom
My Dad

One person who has been nice to you today:
DH--he came and took me to lunch!!
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