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About me: The observations and musings of a transplanted Houstonian, married to the love of my life and living on the plains of North Texas.

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12.27.2005,12/27/2005 11:46:00 AM
For my Darling Husband

I just want to take a minute to thank DH's mom for giving birth to him 31 years ago today. Well, any day would be fine with me just as long as he ended up being my husband, but anyway......

To my sweet, wonderful, amazing husband, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I am so grateful that you came into my life and don't know what I would do without you in it.
Kiss kiss!
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12.22.2005,12/22/2005 01:12:00 PM
Christmas Meme!
Courtesy of Piff.....

Hot Chocolate or apple cider?
Hot Chocolate!

Turkey or Ham?
I am more of a ham person on Christmas.

Do you get a Fake or Real you cut it yourself Christmas tree?
Fake, and then I light pine-scented candles to give the illusion!

Decorations on the outside of your house?
Not yet, but when we have kids, then yes.

Snowball fights or sledding?
I've heard sledding isn't all it's cracked up to be, so I'll go with snowball fights. But, then again, seeing as I've never been in a whole lot of snow, well, I don't have much of an opinion.

Do you enjoy going downtown shopping?
Hell NO!

Favorite Christmas song?
"What Child is This?" and "Carol of the Bells"

How do you feel about Christmas movies?
The tradition in our family is to watch "A Christmas Story" when it comes on TBS for 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve. Best damn Christmas movie ever!

When is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?
I just can't really get into it when it's 100 degrees outside....

Stockings before or after presents?
We open presents on Christmas Eve, and then have stockings and "Santa" on Christmas Day.

Carolers, do you or do you not watch and listen to them?
I am a classically trained singer, so the snob in me will critique them if they go flat, but in my head--I wouldn't say it out loud. But I do notice. Generally carolers know how to sing, though....so yes. I listen to them.

Go to someone else’s house or they come to you?
We split the time between families--DH's parents for Christmas one year, mine the next. This year it's H-town, baby!

Do you read the Christmas Story?
When I was little....

What do you do after presents and dinner?
Watch TV and veg out.

What is your favorite holiday smell?
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Evergreen

Ice skating or walking around the mall?
Neither if it can be helped.

Do you open a present or presents on Christmas Eve, or wait until Christmas day?
All gifts on Christmas Eve, stocking and "Santa" presents Christmas Day.

Favorite Christmas memory?
Year before last we had the whole family over and did the white elephant gift exchange, but with good presents. We all fought over the bubbling foot spa. My brother ended up with a hot-dog griller for his barbecue grill (he doesn't own a grill) and I got a cordless phone. I don't have a land line. But it was a lot of fun--we laughed A LOT!!!

Favorite part about winter?
Turning on the fireplace and cuddling with my husband. I have to say that holidays are a lot more fun now that I have someone to share them with....

Ever been kissed under mistletoe?
I think so, but I can't really remember.....
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12.21.2005,12/21/2005 07:47:00 AM
"So You Can Rest Easy," MY ASS!
As you know from my post yesterday, I've been suffering from drainage, causing my throat to feel like it's on fire. Last night, in a last-ditcht attempt to kill what is ailing me, I went to the grocery store and bought some NyQuil. Around 8:30 I took it, and it started taking effect about an hour later (no sore throat!).

Fast forward to me tossing and turning, my mouth feeling like the Mojave, and our bedroom hotter than Hades (it was only like 70 degrees, probably). I'm thinking, "Well, it must be time to get up!" because I actually felt remotely human, and looked at the clock.

12:51 am.

God dammit.

I got up, turned the heat down and the fan on, guzzled some cough syrup, and came back to bed, putting the second pillow that had fallen off the bed under my head so I could somewhat breathe, and try to go back to sleep. At about this time, Annabelle chooses to beg for attention. At 1:00 am. She jumps onto our headboard (which has a flat top) and proceeds to yowl in her loudest voice. Of course, it's only after a couple of minutes when I tell her to shut up that Bill rolls over and mumbles, "wha's goin' on?" and I tell him that Annabelle won't be quiet. It amazes me how men can sleep through nuclear war but the minute they hear their wife's (or girlfriend, or whoever they sleep next to) voice, they're all, "What's going on?!"

Finally, Annabelle shuts up and I fall back into a restless sleep, waking up at least two more times.

At least my throat isn't sore like it was yesterday, but now it's raw from the fan, and I'm all congested in the head and my ears are stopped up. I'm not sure what's worse.
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12.19.2005,12/19/2005 02:30:00 PM
The Forbes Fictional Fifteen
On MSN I found an article about the fifteen richest fictional characters. Somehow, though, I imagined Scrooge McDuck being higher on the list, because I always saw him swimming through his pile of money on Ducktales. Oh well! It's a fun read!

The Forbes Fictional Fifteen
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,12/19/2005 10:41:00 AM
To My Fellow Aquarians...
I'm not sure if any of you out there share the same zodiac sign as me (except for Sean MC), but I thought my horoscope was dead on today and just had to share. Jonathan Cainer is spectacular, and you all should check him out!!!!

Some people have very strange ideas about the holiday season. They seem to think it involves fostering a spirit of peace and goodwill to all. The poor, misguided fools. Don't they understand that the object of the exercise is simply to eat, drink and spend too much and then get into an argument with the relatives. There's no commercial incentive for people to be nice to one another so it isn't generally encouraged by the media. Someone, though, is about to be very nice to you.
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12.17.2005,12/17/2005 05:28:00 PM
Ask me Questions, and Maybe I Won't Lie...
Okay folks, I pirated this from Lisa (aargh, matey!) because, if you haven't already guessed, I love talking about myself.

If any of you have questions for me that you'd like me to answer, shoot me an e-mail (it's on the right under "Drop me a Line")and I will do my best! Nothing obscene or anything like that, but I'll answer most questions!

It's so good to be home!!!! The first thing I did when DH got home, besides hugging and kissing him to death, was ask, "Can we go eat Tex-Mex?" So I had tacos for dinner last night and for lunch today! Ha!
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12.14.2005,12/14/2005 09:11:00 PM
Baby, It's Cold Outside...
Hello all...sorry I have been out of pocket! Right now I'm blogging to you from East Berlin, PA, where it's a balmy 6 degrees outside. That's Fahrenheit, people. This is probably TMI, but my nipples could cut glass right now....

I feel like such an idiot b/c I didn't bring my camera, but I have to say it's so freakin' beautiful up here! I flew into BWI on Monday and was in the Baltimore area yesterday and part of today. Last night I met the wonderful Kim and we knocked back a few beers at the local suburban pool hall. For those of you who haven't met her, she's even hotter in person!!! :)

This morning I met with some more of our dealers and got some really good feedback on what our Marketing department can do to help them sell our product better. Then, about 1 or so, the sales rep and I headed north up to PA. On the way we stopped at the Boyd's Bear store outside Gettysburg and picked up a few things (I helped him pick out an angel bear for his wife!) and then drove by the battlefield and visited the museum at the visitor's center. Amazing stuff--I will write more on it later. I would have loved to walk around the battlefield and see some of the monuments--there were HUNDREDS of markers commemorating things from the battle--but, as there is snow on the ground and I was wearing a suit and heels, I thought it probably wasn't a good idea.

So, I have an early day tomorrow and then get driven back to Baltimore tomorrow afternoon (we're supposed to get snow/ice up here--yay) and will fly back to Big D on Friday morning.

(psyguy, shoot me an e-mail and we'll see what we can work out! I would love to see you and Piff again and meet the girls!)

And, Mrs. W--I fully intend to post about our drunken weekend, passing out before midnight and taking crazy pictures in the hotel room after drinking about 100 bottles of wine! Oops, I think I've said too much.....

Have a great evening everyone! I think I'm gonna hit the hay and try to stay warm--I feel like my feet are gonna fall off and I'm wearing two pairs of socks!!
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12.12.2005,12/12/2005 08:59:00 AM
Headin' Out
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! My posting will be spotty, at best, this week, as I am traveling to the DC area on a business trip.

And you know what???? I'm meeting Kim on Tuesday! Woo! I can't wait!

Have a wonderful week everyone......
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12.08.2005,12/08/2005 11:23:00 AM
You Better Watch Out...
Here at work this month we've been doing a Secret Santa program. Not the conventional Secret Santa, though. My company bought some cute little gifts and every day before Christmas they draw a name and then another person in the company becomes "Santa." Over the loudspeaker this "Santa" rings a bell and says "Ho ho ho! Santa has a gift for [insert name here.]" Then the person whose name has been drawn has to go around and find the "Secret Santa," and then they get their gift.

This morning, I'm sitting here with quite the sinus headache and a little disgruntled over the fact that DH gets to stay home b/c of the inclement weather but I had to go into work at 10 am, when the loudspeaker comes on and the bell starts ringing. A voice starts singing, rather badly, but in a cute way, "You better watch out, you better not cry...." and after the song finishes, this "Santa" CALLED MY NAME. I initially had a hunch who it was, and so I put on my lipstick (I never wear lipstick, and they always take a picture of the "Santa" and the gift recipient) and walked out of my cube to meet my entourage. About 10 or so women decided to walk with me to find "Santa." It was quite funny.

Turns out "Santa" wasn't who I thought it was, so , stumped, I started walking back down the hall, and saw the red hat on our Director of Operations. Come to think of it, I think I walked right by him initially, so sure it was someone else.

Anyway, here's the Secret Santa picture. I was still wearing my scarf because I was chilly:

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12.07.2005,12/07/2005 10:24:00 AM
They're Going to Found a Convent
I blatantly ripped off Poppy a week ago when I ordered the Playmobil nun off eBay. Let me tell you, she is quite busty! (I was talking about the nun, but Poppy's quite busty too, as am I. We stacked chicks have to stick together.)

The two nuns got together for a conclave and they have decided to found a convent. They're looking for some land that has an apple orchard, because they intend to support their convent by baking apple pies for the local people and hopefully get a bit of tourist interest as well.
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,12/07/2005 08:57:00 AM
Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful
Snow/ice is coming to Big D. This means that everyone in the Metroplex is going to be driving like complete idiots. Already this morning on one of the freeways a truck overturned that was carrying a bunch of checks. Looks like Christmas came early for some people! :)

Here's a pic of the latest radar. I have circled approximately where I'm located. Yep right over the white patch. I think we're going to be leaving work early today......

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12.06.2005,12/06/2005 08:30:00 AM
Adventures in Anti-Depressants
For those of you who don't know, I, Bdogg Mcgee, am on the crazy pills. I kind of went off the deep end 3 years ago and thought that it would be a good idea to have some medication to counteract the fact that I was crying every 2 minutes and wanting to sleep all day.

Well, I'm doing much better now, my life is much more in order than it was back then, and I don't need them anymore. I really dislike being dependent on pills unless they're preventing me from getting preggers. :) So, I called my doctor and she prescribed half the dosage of what I was originally taking. This was a week ago.

All I gotta say is, "Woo Doggie!" I think my body has finally realized that it's no longer going to be numb to pretty much all emotion, and is fighting back with a vengeance. My brain is screaming, "BUT I LIKE NOT HAVING TO FEEL ANYTHING!" and at the moment I'm inclined to agree, and this is why:

Last night around 11:30 I woke up and was burning up--I'm the one who gets cold when it's 70 degrees outside. So, I turned on the fan and crawled back in bed, where I was assaulted by alternating bouts of freezing and frying. Then I got a pain in my stomach, right below the rib cage, and I knew I was going to die. I kept thinking, "But I'm not ready to die yet!" This went on for about an hour and I finally fell asleep.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. I got up earlier so I could leave earlier and drop off the dry cleaning this morning. Well, I seem to have misplaced my keys, which normally would be fine except that my keyring has my passkey to get into the building. I looked around for 30 minutes, but never found them, so I had to grab my spare and head out the door. On the way to work, though, I seriously was wishing for a machine gun, because everyone was driving like TOTAL ASS. And the thing is, I know why I'm feeling this way--it's because my dosage was cut in half--but it doesn't make me feel any better when I'm letting someone in to be nice and they don't even wave thank you (I'm big on that.) So, all in all, I was late to work (well, later than I normally am, but still on time,) couldn't get into the building and had to ring someone to let me in.

Now I'm here at work, and my main focus today is to keep from exploding in anger or tears. I'm pretty sure I can pull it off, but once I get home, well, the gloves are gonna be off. I want to apologize in advance to my most understanding husband for any major demonstrations of emotion tonight. :) I love you, honey!
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12.05.2005,12/05/2005 02:45:00 PM
Gettin' Into The Spirit
Well, since everyone around here at work is doing such a kick-ass job decorating their areas for Christmas, I thought I'd do the same in my cube!

Here, we have the entrance to my cube--I bought two different strands of tinsel and wound them together. I just have to be careful not to clothesline myself when I walk in!

Then, a view from just inside my cube....

And, finally, a picture of "Joey" all dressed up as well as my "tree." I couldn't find any mini trees to decorate today at Wal-Mart but then I saw this cool little neon job and decided to do a walk on the wild side. I'm going to call it "A Very Vegas Christmas."

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,12/05/2005 11:23:00 AM
Now He's With Me All Day

Okay, for the record, I am obsessed with my cat Joey. He is probably the best cat ever, well, in my opinion, anyway. I love him so much that I am seriously thinking about cloning him when the horrible day comes that he's no longer with me.

Now, though, I have a version of him right here in my office! I picked up this little cutie at Target last week for $1. Sure beats the $20,000 I'd be shelling out to get him cloned, and doesn't it look just like him???

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,12/05/2005 08:07:00 AM
¡Buenos Dias!
Hello all! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Friday was interesting. I was ill most of the night Thursday but decided to come into work on Friday anyway. Big mistake. I ended up leaving at around 11 am and going straight to bed when I got home. Slept for a while and felt better....

Friday evening we went to my dad & stepmom's place in Brownwood. It was about 8:30 pm, and I was going about 80 in a 65. I was changing lanes and my radar detector went off, so I immediately hit the brakes. Too late. The po-po, who was going the other way, crossed the grassy median and pulled me over. Bummer. BUT--since she wasn't able to get an accurate reading on me (thank goodness for that radar detector!) I came out of it with a warning. Whew!

Weekend was nice--it was really good to spend some time with my dad & stepmom. We exchanged our Christmas gifts and I finally got my much-coveted sewing machine. I can't wait to use it, especially to make things for the house!

AND, speaking of house, we got pre-approved for a mortgage, and are going to start looking for a house that's all our own! Yay!

I'm going to quit rambling now.
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12.01.2005,12/01/2005 08:45:00 AM
Thank Goodness for Nitrous Oxide
This morning I went into my dentist's office at 6:50 to get the permanent crown put in over my poor root-canaled tooth. They gave me the happy gas and numbed me up, and I guess the nitrous kind of messed with my mind a little, because the whole experience was very surreal.

I'm lying there in the chair, mouth held open by those plastic thingies (my jaw always pops VERY loudly after they get taken out), the dentist and his assistant over me with masks and those clear plastic eyeguards. Christmas music was playing over the PA system, and I tell you, I think Sirius is stretching on what they deem "Christmas" songs.

Suddenly, I was assailed with this feeling that I was Sydney Bristow on the first-ever episode of Alias, getting tortured by the creepy Asian guy and having my teeth pulled. My mind kept saying, "I'll never tell you who I work for! You'll never find out where I hid the Rambaldi device!" Of course, in my daydream, I was svelte in black pants and a sleek black sweater, and my hair was a different shade than what it is now--all to protect my "true identity". I broke free of the restraints holding me to the chair, jammed the syringe of novocaine into the assistant, and did a roundhouse kick to the torturer's head, taking him completely by surprise and knocking him out. I then ran through the building at top speed, and just as I hit the outside door, two guards with machine guns stepped in front of me. One pinned my arms behind me, which I used to my advantage by kicking up, stunning the other guard and propelling myself up over the other guard's head, giving me the advantage as I was now behind him. A swift chop to the neck rendered him unconscious. I then ran to my black BMW Z4 roadster, jumped in without opening the door, and sped off to the extraction point.

Then they took the mask off my nose.

"You're all done!" said the dental assistant. I looked around, bleary-eyed with confusion, thanked her for all her help, walked up to the front desk to schedule an appointment for DH to get a cleaning and checkup, and walked out the door into the bright morning sunlight.
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