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12.21.2005,12/21/2005 07:47:00 AM
"So You Can Rest Easy," MY ASS!
As you know from my post yesterday, I've been suffering from drainage, causing my throat to feel like it's on fire. Last night, in a last-ditcht attempt to kill what is ailing me, I went to the grocery store and bought some NyQuil. Around 8:30 I took it, and it started taking effect about an hour later (no sore throat!).

Fast forward to me tossing and turning, my mouth feeling like the Mojave, and our bedroom hotter than Hades (it was only like 70 degrees, probably). I'm thinking, "Well, it must be time to get up!" because I actually felt remotely human, and looked at the clock.

12:51 am.

God dammit.

I got up, turned the heat down and the fan on, guzzled some cough syrup, and came back to bed, putting the second pillow that had fallen off the bed under my head so I could somewhat breathe, and try to go back to sleep. At about this time, Annabelle chooses to beg for attention. At 1:00 am. She jumps onto our headboard (which has a flat top) and proceeds to yowl in her loudest voice. Of course, it's only after a couple of minutes when I tell her to shut up that Bill rolls over and mumbles, "wha's goin' on?" and I tell him that Annabelle won't be quiet. It amazes me how men can sleep through nuclear war but the minute they hear their wife's (or girlfriend, or whoever they sleep next to) voice, they're all, "What's going on?!"

Finally, Annabelle shuts up and I fall back into a restless sleep, waking up at least two more times.

At least my throat isn't sore like it was yesterday, but now it's raw from the fan, and I'm all congested in the head and my ears are stopped up. I'm not sure what's worse.
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