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12.08.2005,12/08/2005 11:23:00 AM
You Better Watch Out...
Here at work this month we've been doing a Secret Santa program. Not the conventional Secret Santa, though. My company bought some cute little gifts and every day before Christmas they draw a name and then another person in the company becomes "Santa." Over the loudspeaker this "Santa" rings a bell and says "Ho ho ho! Santa has a gift for [insert name here.]" Then the person whose name has been drawn has to go around and find the "Secret Santa," and then they get their gift.

This morning, I'm sitting here with quite the sinus headache and a little disgruntled over the fact that DH gets to stay home b/c of the inclement weather but I had to go into work at 10 am, when the loudspeaker comes on and the bell starts ringing. A voice starts singing, rather badly, but in a cute way, "You better watch out, you better not cry...." and after the song finishes, this "Santa" CALLED MY NAME. I initially had a hunch who it was, and so I put on my lipstick (I never wear lipstick, and they always take a picture of the "Santa" and the gift recipient) and walked out of my cube to meet my entourage. About 10 or so women decided to walk with me to find "Santa." It was quite funny.

Turns out "Santa" wasn't who I thought it was, so , stumped, I started walking back down the hall, and saw the red hat on our Director of Operations. Come to think of it, I think I walked right by him initially, so sure it was someone else.

Anyway, here's the Secret Santa picture. I was still wearing my scarf because I was chilly:

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