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1.20.2006,1/20/2006 08:19:00 PM
Martinis and Early Birthday Gifts
Friday night. Ahhhh....

So DH had to go back to work tonight because he's doing data migration. I don't really know what that entails, other than he will most likely be home after about 1 am or so.

What's a girl to do, on a Friday night, home alone without her husband?

Drink martinis of course!!

The ingredients:
3 oz. vodka
1 T. vermouth
Olive juice to taste

Alas, I cannot locate my shaker, so my martinis will have to be stirred. I put them in a pitcher in the freezer so they can be nice and cold for later!

I also thought, well, I think I'll eat some sushi. Voila! Spicy tuna rolls!

This pic's for Liz--my pink flannel PJs with shoes on them!!!

But that's not all! Today I received two birthday gifts--from my mom, a Kate Spade bag! My first real designer bag! Yay!

And from the lovely, wonderful Poppy--the applegeeks.com RAWR T-shirt! Now we can match!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Now, I think I will leave you. Since DH is gone I think I will watch the Masterpiece The-a-tah I have had TiVo-ed for a week: Henry VIII with Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Boleyn! Can I be any happier right now???

Have a great evening, everyone!!!

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