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1.04.2006,1/04/2006 01:25:00 PM
This or That
FYI: 26 Days Until the Anniversary of Bdogg's Birth

You ever have those days (weeks) where you just aren't motivated to post? Well, this is one of them. I can't say that many cool things are going on at the moment, just trying to get caught up from the chaos that is the holiday season.

But maybe I have the motivation after all.....

Kino has been increasingly annoying lately--I wonder if it's because we've been gone so much? Woke up on New Year's Eve morning to find out he'd dumped over the water bowl and gotten water EVERYWHERE. So, DH and I decided that he needed a little time outside. Supervised time outside, though. We actually went out and bought a harness and leash for the cat. In red, natch. The minute we got home with our purchase DH immediately hooked Kino into the harness and decided to take him outside. I watched for a little bit, and it appeared that Kino actually LIKED it--he'd roll around on the grass (probably to get the dorky harness off, but we like to think it's because he likes outside) and then walk around in the grass. I'll try to get a pic tonight when DH takes him out again.

In addition to all the useful information I learned on my business trip to the East Coast area, I also came back with a devil of a cold. Was even sick on Christmas day, just lying on the couch. I did get to eat Christmas dinner in my PJ's though, so that was cool. DH ended up getting the cold from me, but wouldn't you know? It lasted half the time I had it and wasn't nearly as severe! I'm still coughing and hacking up stuff! And I thought vitamins were supposed to help you ward off stuff? BAH!

Speaking of vitmains, though, I really can't stop taking them, because they're for a purpose. You see, dear bloggers, I'm taking prenatal vitamins for the preparation of a little Bdogg or DH to live inside my womb for nine (ten) months. NO, I'm not pregnant yet, but we are actively trying. Even have our little calendar to record things to help calculate due dates and stuff when the time comes. We're very excited and, even though we're prepared for pregnancy should it happen tomorrow, we hope that it will take a little longer than a month to conceive! I have heard how some people believe that once you go off the Pill it takes a year to get pregnant and then boom! Pregnant the first time they try! I talked to my doctor about this and she told me that the female body is sometimes most fertile as they come off the Pill, so we shall see!

Pilfered this from randomness...feed your mind and your blog. It was originally supposed to be done on November 13, but, oh well.

1. Coke or Pepsi: Diet Coke with Splenda!

2. Summer or Winter: Hmmm.....winter.

3. The beach or a pool: A pool, especially if it's a private one!

4. Early morning or late at night: Aren't these technically the same? I can pretty much do either one, but I prefer mornings.

5. DVD or VHS: DVD.
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