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1.13.2006,1/13/2006 04:23:00 PM
Trying to Turn Over a New Leaf
Well, it's Friday, everyone! Woo!

So on Monday, besides going to the dentist and getting all that crap done (for the record, my back tooth where the filling fell out is still bugging me, but I'm tired of going to the dentist!) I went to see a nutritionist. For one reason, well, I'm quite hefty. Let's just call a spade a spade. However, regardless of my weight, I look damn good, so body image is not the problem.

I'm doing this for a different purpose: I want the baby we're going to have to live in the best possible womb environment. When I get pregnant. Man, I'm obsessed already about this baby stuff! I wish I were pregnant right now.....

Anyway, I digress. I thought that I needed to have a professional look at my diet and jump start me on eating better, so I went to the nutritionist. She told me that I was eating too much salt (duh) and too many processed foods (duh again) and one of my problems is not being prepared (duh one more time!) Oh yeah, and I need to exercise more. Basically, she told me exactly what I already knew, but I think it helped to hear it from a professional.

So, this week I've been doing pretty well. Keeping the carb consumption low-ish, preparing my meals and snacks in advance for the workday, and cooking a nutritious meal at night. I even bought real food to cook over the weekend, since that's when we run out of food and are all, "We're STARVING! Let's go to Taco Bell!"

On my quest for better eating, I found these great little nutrition bars. They're called Larabar, and they're made from 100% raw ingredients, no added anything, good carbs, good protein, and they are damn tasty! I have tried the Cashew Cookie and the Cherry Pie (which tastes just like it, matter of fact.) The photo has the Apple Pie one (in the green wrapper,) but in my quest to save a co-worker from getting breakfast out of the vending machine, I sacrificed that one. Now, if you buy one, don't let the look of the actual bar scare you. It looks kinda funny, but tastes REALLY GOOD.

I get them at Kroger, but I think they are available at Whole Foods and nutrition stores. You can order them online, too.

Well, I'm off, to go home and watch Battlestar Galactica tonight! DH will probably watch it, but will most likely be playing with his new XBOX 360 that he got this morning. He's so damn excited--it's kinda cute.

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