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2.02.2006,2/02/2006 04:20:00 PM
How I Met My (Biological) Mother, Part II
Okay, friends. When I last left the story, I was waiting for an answer from my birth mom--you know, I'm going to call her by her first initial, "C," and if she doesn't mind my putting her name on my blog, then I'll share her name with you. It's a beautiful name, one of my favorites, actually.

Anyhoo...one evening, a couple of weeks after I wrote the letter to C, I was sifting through the mail that DH had gotten and put on the bar. Absently looking at the bills (ugh) and other pieces of paper, I suddenly froze, and said, "Oh my God."

DH said, "What???" to which I replied, "It's a letter from C."

And I tell you, he was up off that couch like a shot, and came to stand behind me while I opened the envelope.

Inside was a card, which I opened with shaking hands, and saw, in purple ink:

"With love, forever and still....."

And I completely lost it.

For the record, I am not much of a crier. But, according to DH, I went from "zero to super-emotional in about 3 tenths of a second." (mind you, all this is still a bit of a blur) And I'm not talking about little bitty tears here. It was like racking sobs, like nearly 30 years of the same question, wondering with every birthday, "Does she still think about me? Does she wonder how I am doing?" finally being answered. And with those five words, I knew that she did.

DH ushered me gently over to the couch, where I opened the letter that was enclosed in the card, and looked at the pictures she sent. She told me that she'd always hoped I would contact her, that she's always loved me. I also found out that I have a half sister who is three years younger than me, who is married and has a little girl.

I think it took me about three hours to finally sit and read the letter, taking in everything she wrote. She'd enclosed her e-mail address and phone numbers, and it took every ounce of restraint not to run over to the computer and fire off an e-mail to her.

So I waited a few days and let everything digest, and e-mailed her. I told her that I would love to meet eventually, but I really wanted to get to know each other and take it slowly.

We e-mailed each other back and forth for a while, and discovered that we were VERY much alike. One thing that's really cool? She loves Nine Inch Nails. How crazy is that? I also learned that she was taking a job at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs (she retired with 20 years of service and is now working as a civilian) in February.

Then, right before my birthday, I asked if she'd like it if I gave her a call. Of course C said yes and I called her at 7 pm that night, and we talked for 5 hours.

About what, you ask? Well, everything. And nothing. It seemed like 5 minutes instead of 5 hours. I told her that I was coming to Austin that weekend for the Great Austin Blogger Encounter, and that maybe it would be better if I came up to Colorado and met her there when she was all settled. C was a little disappointed, but she understood, and wished me a happy birthday and a great weekend.

DH and I were driving up to Austin last Saturday morning and I said, "I can't be this close to C and not meet her," so I called my mom and asked for her blessing. I told her that if she was uncomfortable with me meeting C that weekend that I would wait, and my mom said, "I am very secure with our relationship, and if you want to meet her, then do it." Right after I got off the phone with my mom I called C and got her voice mail, left a message and waited with bated breath for her to call me back.

More tomorrow.....
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