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2.17.2006,2/17/2006 08:44:00 AM
I Hate Waiting...
A couple of weeks ago I picked up a mini-flower pot from the $1 bin at Target. They're forget-me-nots, which I love. You know Elizabeth I loved forget-me-nots, too? I think she gave the Earl of Essex or Robin Dudley or someone like that a ring with enamel forget-me-nots on it. She was ever the little vixen, playing all those men and letting them think she was going to marry one! She fooled them! Ha!

But I digress....

I picked up this charming little flower pot, and inside was a little hard disc and a packet of seeds. The hard disc was actually a "soil pellet" that I was supposed to soak in a bit of water.

Kinda looks like poo, but it's SOIL, people!

Then, I sowed six tiny little seeds in the charming little flower pot filled with rehydrated soil. It says to put it in a sunny spot, but I don't have a window, so the fluorescent light on my desk will have to do.

But I hate this game of "will it work?" Did anyone else do that class science experiment in elementary school where you put a lima bean in some soil and tried to see if it would germinate and grow? Well, mine never grew, but there were kids whose beans grew like six feet tall--well, maybe not six feet, but those little stalks got up there.

So I kinda feel like I'm that kid in 4th grade science class, hoping that my seeds will germinate and give me beautiful flowers.

Wow, that kinda sounded like a pregnancy analogy....


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