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3.29.2006,3/29/2006 09:52:00 AM
Candles and Container Gardens
So, in my attempt to avoid entering contact information received from the tradeshow into a spreadsheet, I decided to look at some candles. When I was in Houston last week my mom, sister and I went to the mall and I wandered into the Yankee Candle store. What awaited me was pure heaven.

Candles that smelled of mint.

Oh god, candles that smell of one of my favorite things in the world! I LOVE the smell of fresh mint. I love to go to the garden center at Wal-Mart or Lowe's and gently rub the leaves inbetween two of my fingers to release the scent of the delicate leaves.

If my track record with growing things lately didn't suck so hard (my forget-me-nots never even freakin' SPROUTED,) and if I had a nice place to put them, I would totally have a small container garden filled with herbs. On my patio in my single-girl apartment I had a nice container garden going, with ivies and such, and different herbs. Mint, rosemary (another of my favorites) and basil.

Then we moved to Dallas, and, sadly enough, we have no patio to speak of, except for a slab of concrete in our backyard that we never go out on. It's just so, desolate out there, and I don't want to fix up something I'm not going to live in for much longer.

My herbs have long since withered, and my other plants are living with my mom at the moment, until I get a nice patio of my own to lovingly place them.

But why don't you keep plants in your house, Bdogg?

Simple. BlackJack, Kino, Annabelle, and Joey. Although I think that Kino would be the only one who would try to eat my plants. Because he's a brat like that. :)

I might have to get the fresh mint candle so I can have the illusion of a garden of herbs. I also have my eye on the ginger & lime, juicy orange, lemon zest, and vanilla oak (I know that doesn't have anything to do with herbs, but I love the scent of vanilla too)

Damn you, Yankee Candles, for tempting me!
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