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4.27.2006,4/27/2006 09:37:00 PM
Bathtime Fun
I don't know if y'all know this, but I love taking baths. Especially when said bath is in a large garden tub. I love to lounge in there with my book and a bath pillow. I'm not a fan of Jacuzzi jets, though--they make my skin itch.

One of the reasons we decided to lease this house was because of the giant tub. It's large enough for both DH and I to get in it together, and if you've seen us, you know that we're not tiny people! Granted, we don't get to stretch out much when we take a bath together, but we make do.

But this isn't a TMI story about bathtime featuring yours truly and DH. This is way better.

Last night, I was taking a bath in said giant tub. I'd put in these moisturizing bath beads that Vaseline makes--fabulous stuff, turns the water a bluish-green and smells divine! Most of the time, at least one of our four cats are perched on the tub, wondering why in the hell we'd torture ourselves by soaking in water. BlackJack has fallen in the tub a couple of times since we've moved in, much to his dismay. He will scramble to get out and then will run and hide to lick himself dry. But it wasn't BlackJack who fell in last night.

I was using the front half of the tub to shave my legs, and knew in the back of my mind that Kino had been around the tub, watching me. Since he's never fallen in, I didn't pay him any mind, until I heard a frantic scratching noise and then a BLOOP! I turn around in shock to see KINO in the tub with me, fully submerged except for his head. Surprisingly enough, he was calm, and when I grabbed his middle to help him out of the tub, he didn't fight me at all, just climbed out like he did this all the time. I called to DH and he came in with a towel and wrapped Kino up and gave him a head start in drying off. After a few minutes of consolation (because Kino is DH's baby and he totally coddles him,) Kino was let down and proceeded to lick himself dry.

Poor kitty!

Licking himself dry...

BlackJack trying to help his brother

The funny thing is, today his fur is super soft and he smells really good. I'm hoping he didn't take a liking to it, or he'll want to join me in the tub all the time!

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