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4.03.2006,4/03/2006 09:29:00 PM
Good God!
Warning. This is a bit of a TMI post, but, the great thing about this blog is that I can write whatever I want! Plus, it's kinda funny and I've been debating whether or not to post it all day and I figured what the hell....

I have a hickey. But not on my neck, which is strange. My neck is so sensitive to hickeys it's unreal--you could look at it and a red splotch will appear on it. I'm not kidding!

No, my hickey is in that little hollow right below the bottom lip.

Sorry about the lighting in the pic--I couldn't use the flash otherwise you would see nothing but a great patch of bright white.

Seems that in the heat of the moment last night, DH got a little rough with the whole kissing thing...and this morning I was looking in the bathroom mirror and went, "huh. I have this weird shadow thing on my bottom lip." Then I looked a little closer and realized it was a HICKEY! (It's rather a bit darker in real life than the pic states.)

I was absolutely mortified. Did my co-workers notice? OMG--I'm nearly thirty f*ing years old and have a freakin' hickey! I haven't had a visible hickey since I was like 21-22 years old and spent the summer barely working and hanging out by Mrs. W's parents' pool all day. No, Mrs. W did not give me the hickey, you dirty bitches...

But, seriously! Do any of you older peeps out there, married or otherwise, inadvertently get visible hickeys? I thought I'd moved past that. I am a married woman, after all...

Anyhow, at lunchtime I called DH and said, "I have a hickey!" and he asked where and I told him it was on my bottom lip and he said, "Well, I have one too."

HA! Seems like we both got a bit too enthusiastic....

If anyone noticed, they didn't say anything. And if they did, I'm hoping they were all, "Damn! Bdogg got some last night--lucky!"

But yeah. I think I might put a little concealer on it tomorrow morning, anyway.

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