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4.13.2006,4/13/2006 10:44:00 AM
I'm Back!
Back from training! Well, I probably could have blogged when I got home, but I was super tired! The traffic to get to/from the place I took the class was horrible, and it just drained me.

I took a Flash training class, and it was actually pretty fun. I learned how to do all kinds of neat things. However, it could have been a much better class if the man sitting next to me would have just jumped out the window. I know there always has to be one annoying person in a class, but this was just ridiculous.

First of all, when we started the class, of course we all had to say our names and why we were in there, blah blah blah, like anyone cares, and then this guy speaks up. He's in there because he took the class two months previously and the instructor was horrible so he is taking it again. So I was all, "Man, that sucks," until I finally figured out why he thought the previous instructor was such a bad teacher--in this guy's eyes, anyway.

HE DID NOT PAY ATTENTION THE ENTIRE TIME!!! Our teacher would say stuff, we'd all get it, except for him. He'd be all, "Where did you find that?" "Say that again?" And on and on and on. I have to hand it to our instructor, though. He never lost patience, although I could tell he was fast losing it with this guy. And on top of that, my neighbor was an inconsiderate asshole. I was sitting at the end of the row next to the window. There was only one way to get out of my row, and every time we'd leave for a break, he'd get up, push his chair back, and walk out, never considering that there were people next to him who might like to get out and go get a drink or go to the bathroom or what....AND, he left the class on the second day about 30 minutes early, and left his soda can and candy wrappers all over the place. Nice. I know it's petty, but dammit, have some f-ing consideration for others, you asshole!

But the kicker, what really made me and my seatmates (who were sitting on the other side of him) take pause was when we were talking about alias and anti-alias text (yes, that makes me think of Sydney Bristow. Shut up.) We'd all typed in a sentence, and clicked the appropriate toggle switches to make the text clearer, and the instructor says, "Ok, now zoom in on a word in your sentence so you can see the difference in the smoothness of the letters." I did, and then glanced over at the inconsiderate asshole's screen.

There, in huge, bold, black letters was this word:



Yeah. I was probably sitting next to some weird pedophile. Yay.

All in all, though, it was a great class and I'm itching to use the skills I learned for our product launches and some new website stuff. Now I just have to see about getting some more RAM in my machine, because what I have is not enough for all the programs I'm running as it is, and adding Flash might just send my machine into a coma.

But all in all, it was a good class. And now I'm back at work and then get tomorrow off. DH and I are going to a B&B to celebrate our anniversary in style--the room has a Jacuzzi for 2. Ahhhhhh.
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