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5.22.2006,5/22/2006 10:29:00 PM
Five Ass-Kicking Years
Tonight was the series finale of probably my favorite show ever.

I can still remember watching the first episode. I was living at my parents' house, I'd graduated from college recently, and remember being in my bedroom, jaw to the floor as I watched Jennifer Garner be a complete badass.

The first season finale was fraught with so much tension. Will Vaughn survive? At the time I had no one to talk about it, and about went crazy.

And then Krissypoo came into my life, and we started watching Alias together. During the infamous Super Bowl episode(her now-husband had a Super Bowl party,) we sat there and drank a bottle of Chardonnay and kept beating up on each other as the scenes got more and more crazy. To this day her old boss still talks about us, sitting there, our attention rapt on the screen, going all nuts. And at the end of the second season, when we learned that Syd had been missing for two years, well, I think we sat on her porch and smoked cigarettes (yes, I smoke occasionally, and yes, I know it's bad for me. Shut up.) and didn't speak for about half an hour afterwards.

Then I moved away, and Alias nights with Krissypoo came to an end. But we still talked about it afterward, and speculated on what was the real agenda of Rambaldi.....

And now it's over.

They did a really great job tying everything up tonight. I was pleased with the ending, although I mourned the deaths of some of my favorite characters. And I know that it will still live on with the DVDs I own. But it won't be the same.

So here I am, sitting here in this hotel room in Florida, all choked up over a damn TV show. I'll be okay tomorrow, I hope. :)
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