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5.14.2006,5/14/2006 03:35:00 PM
Rollin' Outta Here....
But only for a couple days. :)

I am flying out to Cincinnati tomorrow afternoon for a sales blitz. Basically I'm going to go support some of our dealers as they make sales calls and try to keep my head above water! I've also been told to rest up, because a lot of drinking will be going on. I don't plan on doing too much drinking, though. I will be a good girl!

I'm flying to Cincinnati on an Embrarer 145, which, if you don't know, is the plane that has a propensity for blowing out the landing gear tires. It's happened in Chicago and Houston recently. Yay. Of course, this all happened after I booked my flight, so....I'm hoping that my plane lands safely.

I won't have my laptop with me, because I don't feel like dealing with it, but I'll see y'all on Thursday when I get back!
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