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6.05.2006,6/05/2006 08:07:00 AM
Holy Crap, I've Hit 10,000
I looked at my SiteMeter statistics this morning and discovered that I've had over 10,000 visitors to my blog! Woo!

Granted, this is since I started counting back in October, so I have had more visitors than that, but still. And, you know, I should probably not be counting all the times DH visits, because he comes back at least 400 times a day, but oh well.

So, who was the 10,000th visitor, you ask? Surprisingly enough, it wasn't DH, but my good friend in DC, Kim. I'm sorry you lost $20 when the Mavs won on Saturday. But I'm glad that you and the boy seem to be getting along very well! :)

Here are some funny search terms that have led people to my blog. People can be weird....

"austin is burning"(referring to A&M's rival, University of Texas, winning the Rose Bowl)
"ryan philippe's children"(they are adorable, aren't they?)
"gas mask chair dentist"(my ode to dental work)
"natalie maines braless" (wtf?)
"aquarians like to drink" (why, yes they do!)
"when did charli and brent get married" (I didn't even know they were engaged!)

and my personal favorite.....
"jumping boobs" (this one comes up quite frequently, actually)

On another side note, this is my 301st post, as well. :)
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