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6.16.2006,6/16/2006 11:19:00 AM
Whatever Shall I do Today?
Last night was the end of our National Sales Meeting. I've been preparing for this since the first of June, and now that it's over, I'm sitting here wondering what the heck to do with myself. My boss is out until Wednesday, moving into his new house, the phone isn't ringing, my whiteboard to-do list is completely empty, I cleaned off my desk, and I've already checked my e-mail and other peoples' blogs about 100 times since I got here this morning.

All in all, it was a great meeting. Tuesday night everyone from out of town came in and the three regions invited people out to dinner. I went out with my favorite region so far, the Southeast region, and we ate at Fogo de Chao. It was my first time there and boy, was it good!

Time I got home on Tuesday: 10 pm

Wednesday I was here at my usual time (7:45 am,) and spent the day in meetings. Wednesday night was the sales awards dinner at a new steakhouse near the office, and I was in charge of the audio associated with the awards. Everything went off without a hitch, and a good time was had by all.

Time I got home on Wednesday: 10 pm

Thursday, much of the same, except it was our "fun" day. Marketing created a contest for our sales managers that was kind of a combination of American Idol and some other reality show like The Apprentice or Survivor (I don't watch any of these shows, but I at least know the premise of American Idol.) Each team got a packet of information and had to create a sales presentation in 90 minutes to present to the judges and the company. Everyone voted for their favorite presentation and the losers had to go up to the front of the room and sing. The presentations were great--over the top and funny--and it seemed to really foster some teambuilding, which was really cool.

Thursday night was the Corporate dinner, which was catered in the building--Mexican food, beer, wine, and margaritas. We also had a casino night and I ended up winning about $50,000 in fake money on blackjack and craps. I made the most money at craps, though, because I kept betting $5,000 on this one section and it kept paying off. For the record, I have no idea how that game works, but I can't complain because I won lots of chips!

Time I got home Thursday night: 10 pm

So, I'm a bit--well, a lot--tired, but without anything to occupy my time, I'm super-bored too.

Hopefully I can keep my eyes open until 5.....
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