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6.30.2006,6/30/2006 11:34:00 PM
You Should Taste This....
Okay, so this title has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but Poppy sent me an e-mail with that as the subject this morning, and it, too, had nothing to do with the subject, and, well, I got nothing else interesting to call my post, so there you go.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging regularly, but, like I said earlier, I haven't had much to say. I think I need to buy another creative cap.

The past couple of days has been rather interesting for me, though.....

For the past couple of months, I haven't felt like myself. I'm exhausted all the time, I get irritated easily, have terrible mood swings, I've inexplicably gained 20 lbs without changing anything diet or exercise-wise, and I've been getting zits. I NEVER get zits.

Wednesday night DH and I went to see Superman Returns (fab movie, btw,) and while we were waiting in the line to get into the theater, I started feeling BAD. I mean, my head felt like it was going to explode. Cheapo that I am, we went to see the movie anyway, but on the way home I decided to go check my blood pressure at Target. Normally, my BP is around 120/80, but that night it was 175/100. So I freaked out and called my mom, who told me to try to relax and since I was going to my endocrinologist the next day, to try to take it easy and tell him what was going on.

So I went to the endocrinologist on Thursday and explained that my blood pressure was pretty high--he checked it, and it was 160/105, and I still felt like my head was going to explode, plus I'd been short of breath and was developing tingling sensations in my hand. He examined me, ordered a battery of tests, and told me that I should probably go to the emergency room to get checked out, because my symptoms were quite serious.

Freaked out again, I called DH, who came home and promptly took me to the emergency room, where they took my blood pressure, which was 140/90, and the ER doctor basically laughed it off and, in a nutshell, told me that I was imagining everything. He was a total asshat. He did tell me, though, to follow up with my GP, and after that I went to the lab near the hospital to have all the tests done that my endocrinologist ordered, which basically consisted of five vials of blood.
This afternoon, I went to my GP and described all my symptoms to her. My BP this afternoon was 140/90, and looking at my chart, she noticed that since February, my BP has been steadily rising. She assured me that it was not indeed my imagination, that something was out of the ordinary with me, and that the ER doctor yesterday was an asshat (I have a great doctor.) She asked if the endocrinologist had checked my pituitary gland, and I said that I was going to be doing a couple of tests over the weekend to check the cortisol levels in my blood.

My doctor prescribed BP medicine and ordered me to get a CT scan in order to check my pituitary gland for any abnormalities, as well as to rule out any masses in my brain (i.e. tumors). I was all, "What??" I went in to follow up on why my BP was so high and now I'm having to have a CT scan to check for a possible tumor? What the fuckity fuck is up with that?

Luckily, I was able to get the CT scan this afternoon after I left my doctor, and later was researching pituitary gland disorders, because she didn't tell me anything regarding what I could have, and I like to freak myself out as thoroughly as possible while waiting for test results.

What did I find? Well, I'll tell you what I found. Cushing's Disease, which explains many of the symptoms I have. But since I have the good fortune to have all this shit happen to me over the Independence Day holiday, I probably won't learn anything until next week. Good thing is, though, that if I do indeed have this, it's correctable by surgery. Granted, they're going up into your brain to remove a benign tumor from your pituitary gland, but I guess them's the breaks. :)

So, I will be sure to keep everyone posted about everything! At least now I know that I'm not crazy, and that how I've been feeling isn't just my imagination.

I really want to go to that ER doctor and kick him in the nuts, though. Now THAT would make me feel a whole lot better!!
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