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7.19.2006,7/19/2006 08:15:00 AM
Good Morning!
A couple of people have asked why I'm moderating my comments now. No, I am not being stalked by exes or anything like that (ha ha,) but I keep getting SPAM comments. And these horrible spammers are commenting on posts from a while back, I gather, because I can't seem to find them in my current posts. What's funny is that since I've enabled the comment moderation, I haven't gotten one SPAM comment. You know if I turn it off then I'll probably be flooded. Bastards! I wonder if it's easier to catch spammers if you have your own domain? I'll get around to it someday, I guess.

I have started a new diet. Yep. I really didn't want to say anything about it, because I've tried so many "diets" with you guys in the past, and I keep failing miserably. You'd think I'd be able to stick to something for any length of time, but no, not Bdogg! Sigh.

One thing that always gets me is the fact that every time I slip up, I think "Oh well, that's the end of that!" and don't jump back on again. Part of me is such a perfectionist (except for cleaning my house,) that if I don't get something right the first time, I won't do it again, because I expect to get it right the first time. Plus DH and I are such foodies that we tend to celebrate everything with, "Let's go out to eat!" Man, if I could have all of the $$ we've spent dining out in the past several months, we would have been well on our way to saving for a house. But I digress...

Anyhow, I read about this diet in a book where you take a quiz and, from the results, a diet is given you based on your certain "phenotype." There are 6 phenotypes: Addictive, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular, Diabetic, Emotional, and Hormonal. I happened to be two phenotypes: Blood Pressure and Hormonal (big surprise, huh?) but since DH's phenotype turned out to be Blood Pressure, too (I told y'all he is the male version of me,) we decided to follow this diet.

It's not so bad, really. It shows you how to measure things using your palm, fist, and thumbs, and you can eat practically anything you want (in moderation, of course.) So, we'll see how this goes. The first two weeks you limit your carb intake and it asks that you don't indulge in "treats" (like chocolate,) but afterwards you can reintroduce the carbs and have something indulgent once a week.

Well, yesterday was kinda bad. I kept craving all these foods, like at one point, all I really wanted in this world was a Whataburger with cheese. I would have sold my first child for a cheeseburger. But, I perservered, and drank some water instead (boo!)

So, as I sit here, eating my hard-cooked egg and drinking my tea, I wonder if I'll be able to stick to this. I certainly hope so!
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