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7.04.2006,7/04/2006 09:35:00 AM
Happy 4th, Everyone!

We were supposed to go to Houston this weekend, but, seeing that I had to do some tests on Sunday that kind of chained me to the house, well, we decided to say home. DH and I both had yesterday off, so we went with the in-laws to see The Devil Wears Prada and to dinner. I have to say, I really liked this movie, although the ending was distinctly different than that of the book, and, I think they made Meryl Streep's character a bit more sympathetic in the movie.

The annoying thing, though, was the fact that we sat in front of two women who felt they needed to go all Mystery Science Theater on this movie. This one chick kept whining, "They're all so mean to her," during the scenes that Anne Hathaway's character was at work, and kept making these half-laughs-but-kind-of-honks at totally inappropriate moments. I seriously wanted to turn around and throw what was left of my Icee on her, but, I figure that can't be good for my blood pressure, so I tried to let it go.

After dinner and the movie we stayed over at DH's parents for several hours and talked. I don't know what it is about getting together with them, but we laugh about one thing or another almost constantly. I think it's great. DH's mom sent me back with some more Fortnum & Mason tea, in bags this time, and I'm going to enjoy some as soon as it finishes steeping.

So far, I haven't learned anything from my test results. The ones I did on Sunday will take about a week to get back, since these tests are pretty specialized. And the CT scan results haven't come back yet, either. And, since you all know how I feel about waiting, you can imagine that my face is looking somewhat like this:

But, this isn't good for my blood pressure, so I'm trying to stay calm. :)

After some housework, I think I feel like a bit of shopping, and DH and I might try to catch some fireworks tonight......

Have a great day, everyone!!!
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