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7.17.2006,7/17/2006 03:21:00 PM
Oh man. You know how the previous post listed the high for today at 99 degrees?

They lied.

Right now we're at 102 degrees, with a heat index of 105. Tomorrow's forecast? 106.

I wouldn't be so upset about this if the a/c on my side of the building here at work wasn't on the fritz. I think it's close to 80 degrees in here right now. Oy.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We didn't do much. Friday night I got a wild hare and decided to clean the kitchen and do a food pogrom in the refrigerator. It was something I'd been neglecting, and boy, did that poor fridge need it. When I finished, all we had in there was the door of condiments, some coffee creamer, and two 12-packs of soda. I'm not kidding.

I then moved to the rest of the kitchen, and at the end of the evening it was cleancleanclean. For the rest of the weekend, every time DH went in there to put a dish in the sink I yelled, "PUT YOUR DISH IN THE DISWASHER!!!!" Well, maybe I didn't yell. Rather, I urged. :)

After that, the rest of the weekend was pretty lazy. Laundry needed to be done. Floors needed vacuuming. Car needed washing in preparation for selling. But, I didn't do any of it.

What was my excuse? It's too hot.
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