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9.07.2006,9/07/2006 12:24:00 PM
Meet Lila
After a relatively short period of time (less than two weeks,) I sold my little black sports car! I listed it on Auto Trader, and less than a week later got a lead from a guy who'd wrecked his girlfriend's Jeep and she really wanted a Tiburon. So, after all of the insurance company brouhaha, they got a check and decided to buy Vanessa (which was the name of my car)! The crazy thing?? They live in San Angelo, Texas, which is about a 5 hour drive from here! So, on Sunday, they drove up to my house and left with my car and I got a cashier's check. They paid asking price, which was great, because I made about a $1300 profit!

I was a little sad, seeing Vanessa leave, but it was time to let her go. We need a 4-door car, for the future baby seat and for the trunk space! And I know that Vanessa will be going to a good home--the girl who bought her was jumping up and down and smiling from ear to ear when she saw the car in person.

So, without further ado, I present my new automobile, Lila. She is a 2005 Mazda6, and I bought her on Saturday. I'm already loving her--she drives really well, has quite a bit of pep, and her trunk is HUGE!!! Sorry the pic isn't the best quality--I took it a few minutes ago at work! :)

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