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9.18.2006,9/18/2006 11:17:00 AM
Weekend Adventures, and Flippy Hair not on Purpose
Hi everyone!

Once again, Blogger is being a brat regarding the uploading of photos! I've been trying for over an hour to get these up, to no avail. I'll try again a little later, but until then, check out my flickr account, where the SECOND three photos go along with my post. The first three are of today's lunch. Yum!

Seems that the weekend hiatus did me a world of good! Not much was accomplished, though, this weekend, unlike my girl Poppy. We watched the last part of the Smallville disc we had out from Blockbuster Online, as well as Casablanca, went to IKEA to visit the couch that will soon be ours(in red,) and did the obligatory laundry. I also bought a new pair of shoes that I found on sale. They're black slingbacks with a 2" stacked heel, made by Rampage.

I've also been trying a meat-free way of eating lately. Aside from dinner last night, I've gone five days without eating meat, and I'm thinking of trying to work it into my diet on a more frequent basis. So, if any of you have any recipe suggestions, fire away! (I know Bearette will have some!)

In weather-related news, we got a mother of a thunderstorm early Saturday morning, in which it rained and stormed so heavily there were leaves and branches strewn everywhere and our electricity went out for a couple of hours. It was GREAT! Our grass was so happy, and when we were out yesterday in the drizzle, all of the birds who've suffered so badly this summer were lolling about in the grass, looking for worms and the like.

But my hair isn't happy with the extra moisture in the air.

Case in point--the flip.

I don't want my hair to flip. Well, I like the occasionally flippy style, but I especially do NOT like it when only one piece decides to rebel and be all defiant-like. No amount of round-brushing helps. Oh, and it's flat, too, which I don't like, either. At least it's shiny, though. :) Which is another thing! I like my hair to be shiny. Not my face. What's up with that?

Work is rolling right along. Our product launch has been pushed back to the end of October, which gives me a little more time to get things together, but I'm TRYING to stay on track.

In some wonderful news, my boss and his wife welcomed their second baby into their family last Wednesday--another boy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! DH, weekend before last, became the proud owner of a new toy: a 32" LCD HDTV. Now he's playing video games the way they were meant to be played. Initially, I wasn't pleased with the purchase, but he'd sold a rifle to cover it, and we've been watching DVDs on it and I have to say, the picture quality is phenomenal. We're currently in negotiations for a 37" for the family room. :)

All right, no more lollygagging around. Gotta get some more work done!
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