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10.04.2006,10/04/2006 10:17:00 AM
I'm Back!
Well, I've been back since Monday, but recuperating and catching up at work has been taking up the majority of my time.

Colorado was GREAT! The weekend was spent mostly shopping and walking, with trips to downtown Denver, the outlet malls at Castle Rock, and visits to Petersen AFB and the US Air Force Academy. I got some great photos at the AF Academy, but, alas, you know the drill with Blogger being a bitch with the uploading of photos. I'll try again tonight. :)

(btw, is anyone else having problems uploading their photos, or is it just me?)

The climate in Colorado is very, very dry. So dry, in fact, that my contacts would cloud over after about 6 hours of wear, despite my putting drops in rather frequently. As DH and I stepped off the plane in Dallas on Sunday night I thought to myself, "boy, is it humid!" Now, coming from a girl who lived in Houston all her life and swam through the air on most occasions, to think that a place like North Texas is humid means that Colorado must be bone dry!

DH had a great time, too, but came back with a rather nasty cold. I'm sitting here praying he doesn't give it to me, because, with his super immune system, he'll be over it in another day or so, while if I get it, I'll be hacking and snorting for about 2 weeks. And they lose weight quicker too! What's up with that?

This week is pretty busy--I am supervising yet another recording session today at 1pm, and am pretty much playing catch-up, getting things ready to send off to the printer and all for our product launch. I've noticed that I'm way more tired than usual--I can barely keep my eyes open on the way to work--and I think it's because my drive to work is mainly in the dark or early stages of sunrise. Hopefully when Daylight Savings Time ends it will go somewhat back to normal.

So, if I seem a bit disjointed, that's why. Still a bit sleepy from this morning, oh, and the fact that I haven't had any caffeine. I just didn't want to go to the break room this morning!

Hope all of you are having a fabulous Wednesday! Don't forget that the Project Runway reunion show is tonight! Whee! On a side note, who do you think's going to win? I read today on Yahoo that Laura is accusing Jeffrey of not sewing his own clothes for Fashion Week. Drama!!
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