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10.27.2006,10/27/2006 07:31:00 AM
Jessica Simpson is a Dumbass
So the other day I was sitting here, taking a break and reading some gossip (I know, I know...) and I came across a little blurb about Jessica Simpson defending her Daddy's comments about her, um, chest assets. Here's what she said that has me so perplexed:

According to the pneumatic bombshell, the former minister-turned-micromanager's
boob assessment is merely a geographical quirk.

"We're Podunk Southern,"
says Simpson in a statement that will likely elicit loud groans from below the
Mason-Dixon line.

[Commence groaning]

Um, okay....Jessica Simpson is from Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The majority of the people there are upper-middle class, and I think you'd be very hard pressed to find any "podunk" people hanging around where she grew up.

Looks like little Jessica was trying to play the Britney "We're Country!" card, but where she grew up is about as podunk as Iowa, whereas Britney....but that's another post. What gets me is that she's saying that because her family's from the South, it's okay for her Dad to talk about her boobs...I don't care how "open" my Dad is, I would be very uncomfortable if he talked about my boobs to anyone, let alone the public!

Let's not forget, too, that Joe Simpson used to be a Baptist youth minister, people. Does anyone else think it strange that someone who used to guide young people in "the ways of the Lord" talks about his daughters "Double-D's?"

All right. I had to get that off my chest, pardon the pun.....

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