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10.05.2006,10/05/2006 11:00:00 AM
Yay for Photos!!
All right, everybuddy. Here are some of the photos from my trip!

Usually, I'm not much of a photo-taker, but I'm trying to get better. This is why I don't have many photos of the trip, but it's more than what I would usually have! Maybe if I had a better camera, I would be more motivated to be a stellar photographer.....

This is a shot of the Air Force Academy. The white pointy building in the background is the chapel, which, up close, looks kind of like the Resurrection Ship from Battlestar Galactica (for all you sci-fi nerds out there.) Aren't the mountains beautiful? I never knew such places existed!

Here's the up close view of the chapel. Unfortunately, when we visited, there were church services going on, so I didn't get to go inside. It is still quite an impressive building, though. After services were over I got to peek inside and see all the gorgeous stained glass. Couldn't take a picture, though... :(

Here is an A-10 Warthog. Charli said that when pilots were downed in combat, these bad boys were used to go in and "soften up the area so they could rescue the pilot." When I asked what "softening up the area" meant, she said, "It means you go in there and blow the hell out of the enemy." All righty, then! Question answered!

This is a T-38 Talon--if my memory serves me right, these were the predecessors to the F-16's? I can't remember--I looked at a lot of stuff that day!

And last, but not least, a B-52 bomber. This plane was HUGE--so huge, in fact, that I couldn't get all of it in the shot!

So that's it. I know that they're all of planes and stuff, but the scenery is really pretty, too! And it's not like this is the only time I will be visiting--I do plan to go there again, and when I do, I promise I'll be a picture-taking fiend!

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