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11.30.2006,11/30/2006 09:50:00 AM
Thursday Thirteen: Popsicle Edition
1. Holy crap it's cold here!
2. It rained a good part of the night last night, and we've been getting sleet/snow too!
3. Despite all this cold/icy stuff, I still had to come into work this morning.
4. The icy conditions are supposed to get worse as the day progresses, so lets hope that I can make it home!
5. When it gets icy here, people turn into complete dumbasses on the road. Already a FedEx truck wiped out near Downtown Dallas this morning and shut down I-35 for like 4 hours. Thank goodness I don't have to drive down that way, or on freeways for that matter!
6. Tomorrow DH and I are catching a flight to Lubbock, Texas, to visit my dad and stepmom to officially kick off Christmas visiting.
7. Thank goodness all this ice and crap is supposed to clear up by then.
8. Next weekend we're going to be down in San Antonio for DH's Grandfather's memorial service. (It was expected, but still sad)
9. Traveling is not conducive to house hunting.
10. I'm beginning to think our realtor doesn't like us since we haven't jumped on any houses.
11. Then again, we're like chump change to her--she tends to show really high-end stuff.
12. We saw some listings in her car when we were out looking one day, and she was showing some guy from Virgina $500K homes out in Southlake (a ritzy area between Dallas and Fort Worth.)
13. Stay warm everyone! I'm going to check and see if we might get to leave early. :)
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