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12.05.2006,12/05/2006 09:25:00 PM
Come Fly the Coked-Up Skies
This past weekend DH and I traveled to Lubbock to visit my dad & stepmom. We try to see them at least twice a year, but we especially like to visit at this particular time because it coincides with my dad's birthday (he turned 59 on Saturday) and it kind of kicks off the Christmas season for us.

Because of time constraints, and the fact that we've done so much driving over the past few weeks that I'm about ready to fall over, we decided to fly this year, so we could spend more time with my dad & stepmom and less time driving. Our flight was scheduled to leave around 7pm on Friday, and we got to the airport no problem, I got an "A" from the TSA guy because I had everything like it was supposed to (yay me!) and we got checked in with only minor problems (DH happened to be on the "watch" list--he happens to have a VERY common name, and his dad, who has the same name, just happens to be doing a lot of overseas traveling as of late.) Got to the gate, boarded our flight, and sat there.

Apparently, because of the snowstorms and the cancelled flights the day before (why is it that I always seem to fly on or around days where shit goes down?) a flight from Tulsa was delayed getting into Dallas and we were "just going to wait two or three minutes until those passengers could connect and get on this flight." Never mind that this flight was fullfullfull, the seats are kinda small, and it was getting hot in the cabin, and on every other flight I've been on in the same circumstances, they would have left my ass. But that's neither here nor there.

The two or three minutes turned into thirty.

That was all right. I was cool with that--well, not cool, because it was hot on the plane--but I had brought a book and OK! Magazine and was happily ensconced in the world of TomKat fighting on their honeymoon and Britney going hog-wild. The tardy passengers boarded, the airplane doors were closed, and we took off.

And when I say "take off," I don't mean in flight. Ohmygod, that pilot must have been determined to make up for lost time, because as we were heading out to the runway, this guy was driving that plane as fast as he could, taking the corners very sharply, and being very erratic. Great start, huh? Not to mention that one of the flight attendants (short, long blonde hair, tiny) was sprinting back and forth, up and down the aisle of the plane. Doing what, we have no idea.

All right, so we finally get into the air, and the flight attendants act like they need some Xanax and a nice glass of wine--super manic! They practically threw my drink at me when they came by, and not one of them smiled or really acknowledged us other than to get our drink orders. And the flight was quite turbulent, too, which doesn't really do anything for me, because I have a nervous stomach and I'm not the greatest flier in the world.

As we begin to make our descent into Lubbock, Little Miss Sprinter comes on the intercom and
says, "WeareabouttomakeourdescentintoLubbocksocouldyoupleasemakesureyourtraytables
areupandyourseatsareintheiruprightandlockedposition?" Seriously. I don't think she took a breath the entire time she was speaking. Then ZOOM! Off she goes back down the aisle. When we land, the pilot slams on the brakes and I see everyone's upper bodies go forward, and he continues to drive very fast until we taxi into the gate. And for what? To make up 20 minutes?

All's well that ends well, though, because we had a wonderful time with my dad & stepmom, and we got a couple of really nice gifts (I got a new camera! Yippee!) and the flight back wasn't nearly as crappy as the flight there, although the flight attendants were just as manic. But then again, if it were a ho-hum experience, I'd have nothing to blog about, right?

Well, I'm off to bed. DH is going to look at some houses tomorrow (sadly, I'm unable to get off work because the sales team is in from the field and we're having meetings) so hopefully he'll call me and tell me he's found the perfect house. In order to look at said houses, he is waking up at 4am to get into the office by 5am. It was such an obscene idea that he couldn't speak the time he was waking up tomorrow--he just showed me on his fingers.

Good night, everyone!
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