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1.14.2007,1/14/2007 05:21:00 PM
A Bit Chilly....
So, the weather down here in Big D is a bit unusual. We've had freezing precipitation for the past two days now, which is interesting since it was 70 degrees on Thursday.

Friday I went with one of my new co-workers to Northpark Mall, which is, for those who don't know, the mall where all the old Dallas money shop. Big hair, fur coats, shiny outfits--it's all there. We went to attend an event in the Lush store, mainly for the awesome goody bags.

When we left the office, it was about 66 degrees, and then the storm blew in. Heavy rain ensued for at least 3 hours, and the temperature dropped about 25 degrees in this time, which really made us regret leaving our coats in the car! After trying to sit out the storm by having dinner, it was apparent that the rain wasn't letting up, so I decided to make a break for home, which was a rather treacherous one hour drive...thank goodness I usually take the train!

The weekend has mainly been spent in the house, because DH and I were not looking forward to getting out in the rain and ice. I did manage to take some pictures, though, of the frostiness outside:

Our BBQ grill. Yes, those are icicles....

Now, what I'm wondering is what the heck's gonna happen tomorrow--there is nothing stating the inclement weather policy at work, so I'm assuming they'll e-mail us and let us know what's happening, seeing that this yuckiness will ensue into Monday morning.

For those of you caught in this weather, stay warm!
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