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1.16.2007,1/16/2007 03:30:00 PM
Random Bitchery
Hold me back, Internets. Because I'm in a mood today.

It's probably because I haven't had a period in over two months. And I'm not pregnant. My body is just acting all crazy. And the medicine my gyno gave me to jump-start things doesn't seem to be working. Grr.....

As most of you know, I majored in English in college. My love of words and language came to me at an early age, and I can't read something without taking my mental red pen to it, correcting grammar in my head. I don't mean anything bad by this (so don't get all crazy,) and I do admit, though, that sometimes my sentence structure is less than perfect, but after years and years of English classes and a major in rhetoric (which emphasized the importance of correct grammar,) it is something I have difficulty turning off.

For instance, this whole new IM/text message lingo drives me up the wall. Never in my life have I seen the English language butchered more than now, with "RU going 2 C UR boyfriend 2nite?" and "Kewl! My parents R taking me 2 the mall then 2!" (DH can no longer say or write kewl to me, because I tend to go a little haywire when he does. I love you, honey!)

I realize that my IM/texting examples are probably still too long, as I'm sure that the kids of today have found ways to shorten words like "boyfriend" and "parents."

(I'd like to take some time and echo Poppy's sentiment from a while back: when did teenagers become scary?)

But the IM/text environment is not the only place I cringe. Seemingly unassuming e-mails and MySpace comments have the power to turn me into a raving lunatic, as well as words that are frequently mispronounced.

For example: The use of your/you're. Some people seem to think these two words interchangeable. After all, they sound the same, right??


Your is a possessive pronoun, i.e. Is this your pencil?
is a contraction of the two words you and are, i.e. You're looking mighty fine today!

I actually decided not to go out on a date with someone specifically because they responded "your welcome!" in an e-mail reply once. Yes. I know. I'm crazy.

As for mispronunciations, well, take a look at this word:


There is no "X" in espresso!!! But, for some reason, there are people who say "expresso" instead. Now, normally that doesn't bother me too much, but I was watching Top Chef the other night and one of the contestants actually said "expresso." Come on! You're a chef, shouldn't you know how to pronounce food-related words???

Okay. I'm feeling a bit better now that I got that out. I'm going to finish my lunch now. Note: If you have a Cafe Express near you, try their chicken soup--it's to die for!
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